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A handheld showerhead works as a traditional showerhead when mounted, allowing you to choose the best use for you on any particular day.Chrome hand showers look sleek in any bathroom, updating your look and functionality of your bathroom décor.Over time, existing shower tile can get damaged and dirty.Mold, mildew, soap scum and other unwanted growths could accumulate on existing shower tiles and be difficult to remove.Well, I lived through the experience and I’m here to tell the tale.Painting outdated bathroom faucets and shower frames is certainly possible, but it’s definitely more involved than I had ever imagined. The prep, the taping, the papering, the covering everything in sight…that took forever!! ventilation or fire sprinkler systems beyond the point where a direct connection is made with the potable water distribution system.(b) Sanitary drains, storm water drains, hazardous waste drainage systems, dedicated systems, potable and non-potable water supply lines and other connections shall be subject to 248 CMR 10.00. Devices and appliances for heating and storing water must be so designed and installed as to guard against dangers from explosion or overheating. 6 -- Required Plumbing Fixtures .(a) To meet the basic prerequisites of sanitation and personal hygiene each dwelling shall include the following:1. Trap seals shall be protected from the dangers of siphonage, leakage, aspiration, momentum, oscillation, back pressure, evaporation, and capillary action under conditions of normal ordinary use. 10– Special precautions for oily and/or flammable liquid wastes . The plumbing system must be subjected to such tests as mandated by this code to effectively disclose all leaks and defects in the work or the materials. 13 -- Harmful Substances must be excluded from the Plumbing System . The performance of plumbing work shall not impact the structural integrity of building components. All discharges to ground or surface water must meet all local, state, and federal water quality discharge standards.(22) Principle No. All waste discharge materials that may become detrimental to the health and welfare of the general public, that enter the sanitary drainage system of any building, shall be carried within hazardous waste piping systems. In a room that accommodates more than one toilet, or that incorporates a urinal and a toilet, each toilet shall be enclosed and each urinal shall be side shielded for privacy.(24) Principle No. Drinking fountains shall be installed in safe, clean, and hazard-free areas. Temporary construction trailers are exempt from the material provisions of 248 CMR.10.06. Sheet copper shall not be less than 12 ounces per square foot when used in the following applications:1. A flange shall be secured to the finished floor on which it sets by screwing or bolting and shall be connected to the specific piping by soldering, caulking or solvent welding as provided for in 248 CMR 10.07.(e) Cleanouts . Shall have raised or countersunk square or hexagon heads.4.

In multiple dwellings, other than dormitories, that are not restricted to the elderly, at least one washing machine connection for every ten dwelling units or fraction thereof that do not have a washing machine in the In housing that is restricted to the elderly, at least one washing machine connection for every 20 dwelling units or faction thereof that do not have a washing machine in the The plumbing drainage system must be installed, designed, arranged, constructed, and maintained to protect against fouling, deposit of solids, and stoppages. The piping and other components of the plumbing system must be manufactured of durable material, free from defective workmanship, and designed and constructed to provide satisfactory service for its reasonable expected life. 9 -- Need for traps in the plumbing drainage system . Anti-siphon Vacuum Breaker-Pressure Type (Back-siphonage Preventer). Exception : In new residential construction cast iron pipe may be used exclusively with PVC for sound reduction.(b) Sheet Lead . For a safe pan the sheet lead shall not be less than four pounds per square foot.2. If the flange is composed of brass, the flange shall have a minimum thickness of c inch.2.

248 CMR 10.00 governs the requirements for the installation, alteration, removal, replacement, repair, or construction of all plumbing.(2) Jurisdiction .(a) Nothing in 248 CMR 10.00 shall be construed as applying to:1. 248 CMR 10.00 is founded upon basic principles which hold that public health, environmental sanitation, and safety can only be achieved through properly designed, acceptably installed, and adequately maintained plumbing systems. 1 -- All Occupied Premises Must Have Potable Water . Hot water must be supplied in all habitable buildings for plumbing fixtures which utilize hot water for sanitary or hygienic purposes. Accordingly, all commercial buildings and garages which are used to store or repair motor vehicles must have separators installed to ensure that all oil, grease, and other flammable wastes are discharged before emptying into the building drainage system or other point of disposal. Special waste water discharges containing such hazards must be collected and disposed of or treated prior to entering the sanitary drainage system. 14 --Need for indirect waste piping in the plumbing drainage system . Plumbing systems shall be maintained in a safe and serviceable condition from the standpoint of both mechanics and health. Top10.03: Definitions For the purpose of 248 CMR 10.00, the terms defined in 248 CMR 3.00 have the meanings as defined therein. A plastic cleanout plug shall be of the same material to which it connects.(f) Building Drains (Inside Building) .

Top10.02: Basic Principles Founding of Principles . Plumbing must be designed and installed to meet the water conservation requirements of this code while using the minimum quantity of water necessary to function properly under normal conditions of use. Oily and/or flammable liquid wastes pose a public health and safety danger if not properly disposed of. Vent terminals shall extend to the outer air above the roof line and be installed to prohibit the possibility of vent obstruction and the return of sewage gases into the building. No substance that will cause or exacerbate clogs or stoppages in pipes, produce explosive mixtures, destroy the pipes or their joints, or interfere unduly with the sewage disposal process shall enter the sanitary drainage system. All plumbing fixtures shall be installed in a manner with respect to clearances for spacing and accessibility for their intended use and cleansing. See 780 CMR: for licensing and other requirements governing such issues. The hazardous waste shall be collected and disposed of or treated prior to entering the sanitary drainage system in accordance with the requirements of 248 CMR. The installation of a drinking fountain in a restroom that incorporates toilets or urinals is prohibited. The water and sewer connections shall be the same materials as supplied by the trailer manufacturer. 26 --Materials and Design : The materials, products, devices, methods, systems, design, and installation of any and all aspects of a plumbing systems shall be in conformance with 248 CMR 3.00 through 10.00, including that all products used in any plumbing or gas fitting systems shall be Product-Approved by the Board. Cleanout plugs shall meet the following requirements.1. If a tripping hazard may exist, only a countersunk head shall be used.5.

I haven’t seen this bathroom since June 2011, which was six months after I painted them, and everything still looked great at that time.

I have not seen them since then, and have no idea how well they’ve held up since then.

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