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Yes, there’s mainstream work out there that accepts and includes us; but these films are us.They bring up memories, happy or sad, of being bullied, of being out and proud; the pain of wanting someone you can’t have, the thrill of finding out you can have them and the letdown after you do.You see, I've been acting as someone I'm not. You see me acting the part of 'straight' Jacob, when I am in fact LGBT." Rudolph later told Thomas Roberts: "I intended to come out as an LGBT and not say bisexual or gay or straight because I feel like those are the labels of the past.Especially in modern times when people are really questioning who they like and what they like I think that saying ' I'm bisexual', it could change in the future, I could be exclusively for one sex or another. Colombus Short, a well-known choreographer, dropped out of high school to join the Broadway tour of . That’s him looking quite sharp and “sir, yes, sir”-ing Jack Nicholson. Malina is related by marriage to another Sorkin Regular, Tim Busfield. Metcalf and Perry are both founding members of the famous Chicago Steppenworlf Theater. Sorkin went to school with Malina’s cousins and not only gave him a role in the play, but also a bit part in the film adaptation. Speaking of Britney Spears, Colombus Short used his skills as a choreographer in her Onyx Hotel Tour, meaning he is responsible for this amazing boob grab/jazz hands hybrid gesture. But best of all, Colombus Short did time on Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter. The lovely Darby Stanchfield who plays Abby (and whose hair has gone to 11 this season) was possibly best known for playing Betty Draper’s mildly judgmental neighbor and mother of creepy Glen. He paid homage to that role many years later in the Britney Spears video “I Wanna Go.” 12.

Yeah, the last thing we knew was that Ted [and fellow agency partner Pete Campbell] were moving to California to open up SC&P [Sterling Cooper & Partners] West. We’re going to do sitcom.” And then I was asked to do a panel discussion at AFI [American Film Institute]. And they’re like, “Kevin, so tell us about the sitcom you’re going to do, the spin-off of .” Someone picked it up in the press and it became this real thing. First of all, Matt Weiner would never give me permission to do a sitcom spin-off”—although I would argue that I think it would work. And I go, “Oh no.” So I turn to Amy and I’m like, “Look, this is really awkward, but is it OK if you don’t walk down the red carpet with me? I don’t want to walk down the red carpet with you.” Then I get offended. But Matt did finally say in the press that I was coming back. It’s one of the few jobs that I’ve ever had where people come early and stay late. They built this full-on wooden deck with chairs and in the winter, it’s covered in heat lamps. We just hang out and it becomes a place with a very familial vibe. So we go to this restaurant and I don’t expect this to happen, but all of a sudden there’s a red carpet at the opening of this restaurant. The more assimilated we become the less ghettoization there is, in cinema as well as real life.There are still films made by, for and about us; but most can be appreciated by wider audiences now that our secrets are as out as we are. I wonder that every year, until I start watching the films.

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