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Touch is one of the most pleasant sensations a woman can experience.

Our Physiology and Neurology are specifically designed to feel and participate in touching.

During a Sensual Massage, the Therapist is also naked, allowing the woman to be mutual in touch and body-to-body participation.

Touch is a vital part of being human and is one of our earliest forms of communication.

Her success in trauma and crisis situations as a hostage and suicide negotiator led to her being voted one of nine finalists for the “Woman of Distinction 2005” award in Port Elizabeth.

She is also the author of Seasons of Sex which is available in both English and Afrikaans.

In short, even if they felt desire, their frozen faces weren’t able to communicate it.

Much of the recent attention to professional boundary violations has stemmed from a growing awareness of the instances of sexual relations between therapists and patients and the damage related to those transgressions (Epstein, 1994; Gabbard, 1994b; Gabbard and Lester, 2003; Gartrell et al., 1986; Schoener et al., 1989).

Just as incest was hidden from view for many decades until women became courageous enough to speak up, sexual boundary violations have surfaced only in recent years as women have felt empowered to make complaints to licensing boards and ethics committees.

Before long, I spotted something they all had in common.

They’d all been having Botox injections for years, some more than they needed.

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