Thailand dating and marriage culture

You might find that many aspects of life over here work much differently than you’re used to.

Knowing something about Thai culture will make the transition more smooth.

What do you think was the outcome in each of these cases?

In the first instance, the girl didn’t like the approach and so declined the offer.

Let’s look at each one in more detail, including how they might affect yourself as a foreign resident.I wrote it in Thai then again in English saying that I hoped I had said everything correctly the first time. Whereas in the Western male/Thai female relationships it’s often assumed that the man has more money and is the care taker, maybe it’s more confused with Western female/Thai male. If you enjoyed reading and don’t want to miss a post, please subscribe to my RSS feed Reply I’ve not been to Thailand yet (it’s still on my bucket list) but I love your insight on the whole dating a Thai thing. Regardless, there are still way, way more white men with Thai women.The guys who work in the bars and the tattoo shops and as musicians, depending on where they’re located, have more interaction with Westerners in general (I hate that label, like we’re an entirely different type of people) and have better English skills. It looks like being a ‘white’ women in this country is not an easy thing! I’ve been in thailand since may 2011 (exactly as long as you have) and know personally eight white women (and one guy) of my age or close to my age some of whom are dating most of whom are married to thai men. Like, I said though, I also still haven’t manage to make any good friends who are Thai, so maybe my social life here as been more limited than I think? Reply I always joked that ‘the good Thai boys are only interested in dating the good Thai girls’ – there is such a strong stigma about dating a Wild Western Woman that most guys seemed to shy away from the idea.Its sometimes useful to not expect things to always make sense – just sometimes accept that things are different and over time you can learn.A Thai girl will probably have a close relationship to her parents, closer than westerners are used to.

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