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John Blackledge, an analyst at Cowen, said the downgrade came as a result of a lower ad sales forecast: We cut our '17-'22 ad revenue forecast given the competitive environment within Digital advertising and new monetization efforts like Direct Response and Self Serve, which are ramping in 2H17 and into 2018, likely taking longer to play out.

Earlier this week, Snapchat's parent company was downgraded by Morgan Stanley, which took the company public earlier this year.

I started thinking if I could remember a time when it was that bad. Well GL to you It still has continued into today as well, I have come to the conclusion that the lower buy in tourneys are pretty much played like freerolls to alot of recreational players so variance is much higher, if i keep getting it in good and make correct decisions I should be able to weather the storm, just can be very frustrating Man i keep playing trying to grind through this run bad but it just continues to get me, trying to be positive, once again i got it in good to be beat on the river, how can it happen in every damn tourney i enter one right after another and i promise it is not bad play, i have been ahead and have known my players tendencies when making the plays and the beats just continue And when i have made a play as a semi bluff knowing i am behind my opponents range but i am getting the right price i dont connect, it hurts, sorry for the rambling but just getting frustrated, i know i am a decent player and have improved my game 10 full but i hate variance Socialpro29 you have to take a break.

If it wasnt a suckout it was running into the top of players ranges when trying to make moves.

It was just an overall rough day, but i can proudly say i did not tilt and for the most part did not make any bad plays.

Alvarez’s OPS is now creeping up toward .800 after a rough start to the season.

Jordan Kipper made his first start for Bowie since being demoted from triple-A about a week ago, and it was a good one.

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