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Kongdan Oh, a senior Asia specialist at the Institute for Defense Analyses, told NBC News that the video and the words she uses in it smack of a propaganda ploy by the North Koreans.

The objects landed in the Sea of Japan, off Kangwon province, after flying 155 miles.

Her pale face cringes as she explains a hellish existence she says she endured in South Korea, where she first escaped to in 2014.

"In a society where money determines everything, there was only physical, psychological pain for a woman like me who betrayed her fatherland and ran away," the woman says in a video purportedly posted last weekend on a North Korean propaganda website and uploaded to You Tube.

Most likely (Lim) was made a target of a very angry North Korea," she said. Korea Offers Talks on Tension, Family Reunions With North After first leaving North Korea for China, Lim entered South Korea three years ago and settled in Seoul, according to The Korea Herald.

Lim, who is believed to be in her 20s, found gigs on TV, where programs capitalize on the experiences of defectors.

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