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While men made up only around five per cent of I Knit’s customers when the shop first opened, last year 20 per cent of its clientele was male.

Yorkshire-based yarn company Rowan has reported similar trends, with the number of men registering on the website increasing year-on-year and now accounting for 12 per cent of members, while the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis last year offered men-only knitting classes in response to increased interest.

Recent endorsements from the likes of Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Hoult have also done little to harm the pastime’s cause among the younger male demographic.

Brandon Mably, a British knitwear designer who runs classes around the world for men and women, has also noticed a boom in male interest over the past year.

Moreover, as the Roman road from Caerleon to Pembroke – the Via Lucia – ran within half a mile of this spot, it would be in accord with Roman military practice for a military post of some kind to be located here.

Christianity, however, was brought to Wales before it came to England.

“Before that I’d tried quitting, but I was going cold turkey and just wanted to eat all the time.

Knitting calmed me down.” After starting on scarves and hats, Gerard’s hobby soon progressed into a business and he opened I Knit, a south London yarn shop which hosts craft classes and groups, eight years ago.

“When he approached the junction of Usk Way and Frederick Street, there was a car in the oncoming lane waiting to turn right,” said Mr Colvin. Mr Colvin said Williams did not have a licence and phoned Court, who arrived at the scene with their children.

On one side of the window there are the remains of a picture drawn on plaster.

Experts declare that this picture is of St Medwy and resembles others in Europe dating back to the fifth century AD.

So, we cannot be certain, but it is not impossible that Christian worship has been practised here for nearly two thousand years, which would account for the sense of holiness and calm that everyone perceives on entering the building.

Now, look up at the window in the North wall of the Chancel above the arches.

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