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“It’s a quote from the women, and I think it is telling the message about what we need to do,” said Jan Richardson, the city’s manager of homeless prevention, who spearheaded the community plan. “It is a highly marginalized group of women who have had bad experiences with the system and have a mistrust in the system,” said Rhonda Brittan, a public health nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit. “We are committed to believing homelessness is a solvable problem and this is an impressive commitment to stop. “This plan is looking at all those points of the system and trying to connect them.” The plan was created after a year of study that included interviews with 33 sex workers or former workers, interviews with more than 90 agencies and advice from former workers. If he stops right there, I say ‘No, go around the block and park on the side.’ When I get in his vehicle, I say ‘what’s your name, what name do you use?

"I don't care if people call me 'bro-country' or they call me hip-hop or rock.

" Truthful, unfiltered, unafraid to take every risk he encounters, Chase Rice is that rare artist who means what he says and backs it up with equal measure. I've always been of the mindset of 'Let's move on to the next one,'" says the 29-year-old, hell-bent and firm in his resolve. It's a genre-busting bruiser of an album that tackles tube tops and tears in equal measure, out via Columbia Nashville and his own Dack Janiels label. "I wanted to push this album to a whole other level," he says, and with wickedly racy songs like "Ride" buttressed up against sentimental, reflective charmers like "Carolina Can," Rice is backing up his claim.

"I'm going to speak the truth any way I can," says the singer-songwriter, who, without a song on mainstream radio, saw his 2013 Ready Set Roll EP top the i Tunes Country charts and when its titular single hit the radio waves, he watched it climb up the Billboard charts and hit Gold before it even entered the Top 20, ultimately peaking in the Top 5 and scoring Platinum sales. "I've always been the guy to say 'I promise you that's not going to be my biggest accomplishment in music.'" As if on cue, Rice, who co-wrote the Hot 100-busting Florida Georgia Line single "Cruise," is rearing back for more with his new full-length, major-label LP Ignite The Night, which debuted at No. It's a sonic free-for-all, Ignite The Night: see the electronic-drenched "Ready Set Roll;" or the big-buck arena-rock bombast "50 Shades of Crazy;" even the swampy-bluesmeets-hip-hop banger "Do It Like This" or the softer, mid-tempo ballad (and current single), "Gonna Wanna Tonight." "The sales and crowd singing back to me show that I am doing something right," Rice offers.

Ontario OFSAA Outdoor Provincial Championships, Athletics Canada.

Sex trade workers are considered among the hardest of the homeless population to help, with severe addiction, trauma and violence the constants in their lives.

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