Is beth holloway dating john ramsey

They claim that after he graduated from college, he discussed moving to Atlanta, the job search, and going to Hawaii with his dad.

There are conflicting stories regarding Burke Ramsey's Facebook account.

“The exoneration gave the impression that the evidence is clear and unequivocal, which it is not.” After Jon Benet’s death, John quit his job and moved his family away from Colorado, but looking back he regrets those rash decisions.

PHOTOS: Stars' pageant pasts “When something really tragic happens in your life, put your life in park,” he recommended.

Phil also reported that he lived "off the grid" for 20 years, although that statement doesn't make that much sense given that he went to college and has been photographed over the last two decades.

The little boy’s face appeared on the cover of several tabloids as the public remained fascinated by Jon Benet’s mysterious death.

PHOTOS: Stars gone too soon “Friends would ask us, ‘What can we do to help?

There a bunch of things that you may not know about him.

At 29, Burke Ramsey appears to be looking for money, as ABC News reported that he was paid for his interview with Dr. He graduated from Purdue University, which he started attending in 2005, and now appears to be a computer programmer. Phil, he does not work at the office - he worked remotely.

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