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With the European market for e-commerce expected to grow by 45% from 2015 to 2018[1], a Mastercard survey of consumers in over 20 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) suggests that one in four Europeans with access to the internet purchased products or services online at least once a week in 2016.While uptake of e-commerce is high across Europe, the research reveals interesting differences from country to country in terms of how often people shop online, what types of things they purchase, and their preferred payment methods.A notice posted on the internet alerts them to the extortionate price of alcohol in some less than salubrious bars, and tells how some tourists have been assaulted, threatened or forcibly taken to cash machines to withdraw money by local heavies who force them pay a bill of hundreds of pounds for a simple ‘cocktail’.

The money is usually transferred via Money Gram or Western Union wire transfer.Zinta Berzina, 49, chief inspector of the monitoring unit, is blunt in her opinion of the British stag party revellers, who she says often wear ‘strange’ fancy-dress outfits such as Spiderman or pantomime characters.They rented an apartment and, as part of their pranks, they ‘captured’ a pretty, blonde Russian girl who they had met by chance in the Latvian capital and chatted up, and say they tied her to one of their beds for the night.Latvia’s intellectual, political and economic elite was lost because of Soviet repressions, as well as the fact that many such people fled at the end of World War II out of fear of the Red Army Latvia’s absorption into the USSR and its economic system destroyed traditional sectors of the economy.Soviet management and the Soviet lifestyle were imposed on everyone.

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