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Betty and Veronica are two people who I think were always destined to be friends.

Even though they're so different from one another, these two people are meant to be in each other's lives.

With all that in mind, the newly announced game for short) sounds downright normal in comparison, despite it’s hilariously evocative name—and just in time for Father’s Day, too!

After a while, they got to me, which was, in retrospect, really silly. I kept saying to myself, ‘It’s only a movie,’ but it was abnormally debilitating.”The book was finally adapted by George Clooney, making his directorial debut with a script written by wunderkind Charlie Kaufman; their 2002 film premiered to positive reviews and garnered a small smattering of awards, including two from the National Board of Review.

You know the old thing, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen? (Clooney, for his part, decided not to ask Barris how much of his incredible story was actually true: “Ultimately, that question doesn’t have much to do with anything.

in 1999: “Music changed when the Beatles arrived, and game shows changed when Chuck Barris’s shows came on.” Barris began his career behind the camera, climbing from NBC page in the early 1950s to a position as ABC’s director of West Coast daytime programming by 1959.

He really began to leave a mark on television, though, in 1965, when he created an oft-imitated, oft-parodied format that cast a bachelorette opposite three unseen bachelors and tasked her with asking them cheeky questions until she decided which one she’d like to take her on a date.

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The world has watched the fairytale romance between Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest unfold since 2010.

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