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The girl knew she would marry the "Sexy Back" singer right from the get-go."I have this email that is really funny that I sent to my producing partner, Michelle," Biel revealed on the talk show."And it's literally, like, ' OK, I can't make that meeting so I have to cancel, also I know I will marry this man, you can't tell anybody but your husband.'" See More: Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings"I have no idea why I wrote that email," said Biel.Although Diaz and Timberlake, then a burgeoning actor, were cordial with one another during the awards ceremony, at an afterparty thrown by Prince, the "Charlie's Angels" actress was incensed when she spotted her ex and Biel chatting in a corner — and she confronted them (very loudly) in front of the entire soiree.According to the Diaz "blew up" at Biel for flirting with Timberlake.Jessica took dance, voice, and acting lessons as a child.At age 14 she landed her breakout role on the TV drama series conservative fans.

At the 2007 Golden Globes, just weeks after Timberlake ended his four-year romance with Cameron Diaz, the new couple got a taste of their first negative press.

She gave birth to a son named Silas on April 11, 2015.

She starred in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry alongside comedians Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

They've been topping our annual list of totally adorbs duos since their to-die-for Italian wedding in October 2012, but where did this famous pair get their start? During her recent appearance on , Biel spilled the deets on her surprisingly, uhhh, chaste early relationship with her hunky hubs.

Well, Jessica Biel recently got real on those first oh-so-cute stages of her relationship with JT, during which she — get this — actually predicted that she'll wed her eventually hubby! In case you thought Biel and Timberlake were any less adorable back when they first started dating, NOPE. "We didn't kiss for a very long time because he was on tour, and we were talking on the phone, like normal pre-teens do," explained the actress."We were just chatting on the phone for hours.

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New York Post, Diaz "blew up" at Biel for flirting with Timberlake.

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